What Our Parents Say

“The Diaries are brilliant. They show how much effort and care you put into looking after and educating our kids. Far more detailed and focused than I would ever have imagined. Huge thanks for doing a fantastic job!”

“Thank you so much for looking after our little boy J* these past few years. He’s had some wonderful times and with your care and guidance he is developing into a thoughtful and entertaining young boy!”

“Thank you so much for giving L* such a wonderful experience over the last 4 years. She has enjoyed every minute at Abc, the interaction with adults, making fabulous friends, playing, painting, learning, writing but particularly messy time. It was always a surprise at bath time what colour paint was between her toes!”

“We would like to say it has been lovely having both our children over the years attend Abc. All members of Staff are so very polite and welcoming and have always put us and our children at ease when leaving them”

“It, really, does sadden me to think there will be no more “nursery” in our lives; it’s the end of the chapter! But with all chapters another one starts, so watch out B* School L* is on her way!”

“I would like to thank you and your fabulous team for the excellent care that you’ve all given to G* over the last four years. As parents, we couldn’t have been happier with the gentle, loving care he had been given form his very first day. We are so proud of the little boy he has grown up to be and you should all take some credit for that”

“Came to the Stay and Play session. It was really good, I enjoyed seeing the girls in their environment-it’s like being a fly on the wall!!”

“G* was informative telling me about things the Groups are currently doing. It was also good seeing how the staff interact with the children. Will def be coming again!”

“Just wanted to say Sports Day was excellent. Inclusive for all abilities and fun which is so important. The informal approach from J* really worked, I thought he had great rapport with the children”

“Other people may have said this before but D*(Staff) is absolutely fantastic!!! The way she is with the children, she was including the boys and girls that weren’t as keen as E* on doing Sports Day. E* loves D*(Staff) …. And whenever I speak to other parents they all say how much D(Staff) has helped/supported their children”

“It was nice to send time with B* at the Nursery Setting and meet other Parents. I, really, enjoyed the evening – thank you. Pumpkin soup was really tasty- thank you for the recipe!”

“It was a lovely evening, quality time together. Well organised event and nice food at the end!”

“My child really enjoys the story sacks …. I feel very involved”

“We love coming to the activities that involve parents and feel they are very beneficial”

“We’ve received the Abc Bear and the Letterbox-J* found them fun and enjoyed collecting up the letter objects for the box”

“J* always says – I played in the Mud Kitchen and with water-He loves being outside!”

“A* loved Story Sacks-something different and educational to do at home”

“Attended Mother’s Day, Sports Day and Christmas Party – really loved them and seeing A* in setting”

“We love the Nursery and thank you for all your hard work. Very informative-we are very happy”

“My Partner has enjoyed the experience and learning!”

“Thank you for all your efforts and hard work. L* has progressed well and is always very busy and involved in a wide range of activities”

“Wonderful Nursery, Wonderful Staff”

“Great to spend time with I* in her Nursery Environment. She was proud to have Mummy here and show me things”

“It was good to see A* in the Nursery environment, confident with his friends and surroundings. It was nice to do a Crafty thing with just A* instead of trying to juggle myself between him and M*”