Welcome to ABC Day Nursery

A hidden Gem with a secret garden

At ABC we encourage children to be unique, individual, creative, confident, independent and naturally inquisitive. Our largely organic environment permits children to explore incidental learning opportunities through a blend of child initiated play, exploration and positive meaningful relationships with sensitive, responsive and caring practitioners.

We explore real objects, natural and man-made and provide open ended resources striving to provide activities that are based on the way in which we know our children learn as individuals.

We operate a year round free flow inside to outside environment allowing children to appreciate the changing seasons without hindrance. Outdoor spaces act as outdoor classrooms encouraging independent, naturally occurring learning according to the child’s interests. Our surprising and spacious outdoor area provides quiet nooks, reflection areas and sensory materials including natural materials, sand, water, a sensory walkway, mud kitchen, play pod, bug hotel, gardening club, builders yard and guinea pigs.

We ensure that all children and families from our community feel happy and welcomed within our nursery. We provide appropriate support to ensure every child is included and able to access learning experiences and opportunities. Transitions are flexible to ensure that the needs of individual children and families are met. Children are permitted
time to become familiar with their new surroundings, at their own pace and with support from their Key Person. The Key Person has an important role to play in supporting their Key Child and for building positive relationships with the parents/carers to facilitate a good understanding of individual needs.

Settling in sessions are flexible and accommodating according to individual needs.